• Does not save all bookmarks when choosing 'Bookmark all open pages" as is the case with Deviantart in this example : Attachments: [img][/img]

  • I would not even want to bookmark all open tabs; I am much more interested in bookmarking the one currently displayed tab, using its "title" HTML tag. This option would be useful in the document's context menu. How do I achieve this now? Would I have to open this tab in a separate window to avoid bookmarking all other open tabs?

  • Also sometimes one of the bookmark folders is selected by default and i can't un-select it by clicking on a "free" area, but clicking on the other folder titles works, which means when I'm trying to create a new folder, it comes under the currently selected title, so I'm having to drag out the new one to a higher level manually, it's not convenient.


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