Vivaldi Update Tomorrow?

  • Do I understand correctly? There's going to be another Vivaldi Update tomorrow Tuesday May 6th? I happened to somehow get another one of those notifications for the Vivaldi Users' Group, which I haven't joined. Anyway, there's mention of a Vivaldi Update tomorrow Tuesday May 6th at 19:30 - 20:30 GMT. It's odd that there hasn't been a heads up at the Forum or as a Post. That would be a recipe for a lynch mob forming tomorrow when Vivaldi goes down for the Update and no one outside of the Vivaldi Users Group got the word. A heads up in the [b] Updates - Get the latest news and info[/b] thread would have been good. Anyway, I sure hope this Update finally yields something significant because this place REALLY needs to see a sign of progress.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Thanks for pointing that out, Suntana.
    I posted it there now.

  • Cool.

  • Too bad it didn't work out …

  • jon told me that they don't have that much resource especially but jon should start getting more people to help me this get big and be able to make this site into full time career like I was like they should do a kickstarter so they can raise some money so they can hire more people and start developing the site more better

  • I'd definetly contribute a whole slum of money should they somehow make it possible to donate or via Kickstarter :)

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