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  • Is it proposed to have sharing options available for links, bookmarks, files, screenshots etc so that Vivaldi users can share any online or local content with any other Internet user?

  • I would like to see sharing options between my other instances of Vivaldi on different machines first. Unite was kind of cool but there are other methods for social sharing.

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    My own personal preference is that Vivaldi NOT become a social platform browser unless/until it is already a fully competent work platform.

    There are already offerings like Flock, RockMelt, etc. for that. There is still nothing that offers a fully functional workspace since the rapidly-aging Opera 12.

  • hello pjpw2320 and everyone
    prefer not see the word social or facebook any into the browser even inbuilt context or on the vivaldi button anywhere. Dream Large make the socials kowtow to Vivaldi through request permission to provide menu item. even the only near acceptable choice of this Tony'neighborhood might be off-putting, step-too-far in view of particular user. (?) harumPphhh to the clutter. unless you think the average user is doing all that business research employing social to get it done. bit premature to split the add-on hair. in-built ebox web or client should in-bring enough filtered social. use email toget it done some old-fashion way.that'll work for "… links, bookmarks, files, screenshots ... with any other Internet user? " try cloud or NAS. that etc except vivaldi blog_roll_. .
    becoming Available Synchronization features Yes, for amongst Your devices, though this seems again not part of the pre-optimization focus.

  • Fully agree with the two posts above, focus on functionality as a power-user browser and then work on sharing with yourself on different platforms/instances.

  • Although I agree with previous posts and also know that sharing could be achieved with many extensions out there, I was thinking of something not "bloaty". Like the simple button Firefox got since a few releases.
    It would be great, if possible. Otherwise, let's keep things the way they are 🙂

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    That seems to be clearly add-on material. I too do not want to see sharing features in Vivaldi.

    Thank you. I would not mind them as an OPTION, but with NO OVERHEAD if they are not turned on.


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