How Do I Report A Hacked Account?

  • I logged on this morning and found a Comment on the latest Snapshot page that looks like it was made from my account but I did [b][u]not[/u][/b] write or Post the Comment:- [url=!/ccomment-comment=8028]Snapshot 1.0.300.5 | Comment 8028 [/url] It has my Profile picture and links back to my profile but there is no Report button and reporting myself seems silly. 😃 I've changed my password but there doesn't seem to be any link/button/whatever anywhere to report a problem with the Vivaldi Community or my account so a Forum post will have to do until the coffee kicks in. :roll:

  • Thanks for reporting this 3Phase. We are working on a solution to make sure this doesn't happen again.

  • Thank you, Steinar!

    Just out of curiosity and plain old paranoia: is it possible to use a different password for the linked webmail account? It would add an extra step to getting into webmail and doing Lord only knows what.


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