Vivaldi and Extensions

  • Hi fellas, I noticed that Vivaldi recognized some of my existing extensions in Chrome and added them to Vivaldi. But I don't see an extensions/addons menu in Vivaldi itself. Is this a work in progress? Are there gonna be an addons/extensions library available for Vivaldi similar to Chrome and Firefox? Could you please point me towards some documentation and articles about extensions for Vivaldi? Thanks, Behrang

  • Just visit vivaldi://extensions . Any Chrome extensions will work as Vivaldi is based off Chromium so there isn't any need for separate Vivaldi extensions.

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  • Is there an extension bar available? I can see that now LastPass is activated but I can't see its icon anywhere.

  • In the latest snapshots there is

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    You probably need to go to and install the latest Snapshot of Vivalid, version 1.0.300.5

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