Request: Add more tags hotkey

  • I use most frequently label action: 1. Close other tabs 2. Close all tags 3. Close the left tabs 4. Close the right tabs They do not have hot keys, can add them? --------- BUG feedback: Use the command line to load the page, change the window state. Habit from OPERA, I use shortcut keys to open many pages. Now I have to use the command line, for example: vivaldi.exe --proxy-pac-url="...\Proxy\dl.txt" -new-tab "" But it has a problem, if you've maximized the window, open a new tab, the window will be canceled maximized. [img] Uploads/V.gif[/img] ------------ Also, I use the global mouse gestures, can increase vivaldi interactivity? I need more methods to control vivaldi. Similar MozRepl.


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