macOS unfocused window click handling

  • Unlike most modern macOS apps, Vivaldi does not process clicks on unfocused windows beyond focusing the window. A second click is required to perform any action in the window. Would be great to make the default behavior consistent or at least provide a configuration option.

    Steps to recreate:

    1. Open a Vivaldi browser window
    2. Open multiple tabs.
    3. Switch to a different app but make sure the Vivaldi tab bar is still visible
    4. Click on a tab in the unfocused Vivaldi window different than the currently active tab

    Expected result:
    The Vivaldi browser window gains focus and the tab clicked on become active

    Actual result:
    The Vivaldi browser window gains focus. A second click on the tab is required to activate.

    The same thing happens when switching between two different Vivaldi browser windows as well.

    Safari, Chrome, Firefox all behave as expected. As does every other app I tried in a very limited test. The experience on Vivaldi is inconsistent. For me it makes it hard to use when switching among applications.

  • Would be nice. Worth noting that the behavior in Vivaldi is the same as when clicking on buttons in webpages in Chrome, due to the web-based UI.

  • Ah. That's interesting. I see what you mean.

  • For what it is worth (probably very little), Electron (also based on Chromium?) has a setting for this type of behavior:

    acceptFirstMouse Boolean (optional) - Whether the web view accepts a single mouse-down event that simultaneously activates the window. Default is false.

    Seems like this is controllable, perhaps?

  • VB-67622 created if anyone is interested.

  • Not holding my breath, but any update on VB-67622 or even plans to address it?

  • Moderator

    @dndrsn FYI, VB-67622 has been Confirmed but is not currently assigned to a developer.

  • Yes, and there is an other unexpected behavior which is related to this issue:

    If the Vivaldi window is un-focused, and you try to click on the "new tab" button, the window is focused. Then you click a second time on the button to create a new tab.
    BUT: if the window is un-focused, and you double click (so 2 quick clicks) on the "new-tab" button, the window is focused and 2 tabs are created (instead of one because the first click should be window focusing).

    This is completely counter intuitive.

    I had reported this as: VB-69395
    But, in fact, it would not be an issue if VB-67622 was solved.

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