Idea: Remove background from extensions

  • If you apply a dark theme, the background at the extension becomes annoying. It is necessary to clean it up. Yet it is desirable to introduce a form of feedback directly in the browser. :pinch: Attachments: [img]Снимок.JPG[/img]

  • Vivaldi settings > Appearance > untick "Use Page Theme Color in User Interface"

    For some reason doing that also removes the backgrounds from extensions. If you want to continue using the page theme color, but still want to remove the background and don't mind a little extra effort, you can also remove the backgrounds via some custom css. See the short guide below.

    1. Open the folder located at: C:\Users{your user name}\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\Application{vivaldi version number}\resources\vivaldi\style\
    2. Open "common.css"
    3. At the very top of the file, add:```
      @import "custom.css";
    5) Paste this code into the file and then save:

    .toolbar.toolbar-addressbar .button-toolbar.browserAction-button {
    background-image: none !important;

    Vivaldi will need to be restarted after changes are made to these files.

  • Tiamarth thank you! B) It's amazing how simple, but still hope to see it as a separate adjustment. :unsure:

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