Disctinct keyboard shortcuts for Close action with specific Close Tab Activation

  • There are a three Close Tab Activation modes:

    • Activate in Recently Used Order
    • Activate Left in Tab Order
    • Activate Right in Tab Order

    My problem is that it always behaves unpredictably for me. Regardless of which Close Tab Activation is configured, I intuitively expect one of them to be used for each individual closing of a tab.

    Sometimes I'm looking at tab to the left, and it would activate the previously active tab. Sometimes I want to go back to the previously active tab, and it activates tab to the left.

    This needs to stop!

    I would like to be able to set distict keyboard shortcuts for the three Close Tab Activation modes.

    E. g.:

    • Ctrl+W closes current tab and activates tab to the left;
    • Ctrl+Shift+W closes current tab and activates tab to the right;
    • Ctrl+Alt+W closes current tab and activates the previously active tab.

    Please. 🙏

  • Hi
    I absolutely support this proposal. Because of my journalistic work, I usually have several websites open and when I close one of them I sometimes want to activate the one on its right and other times, the one on its left. In Firefox you can do this with an extension: Select After Closing Current. It also allows you to freely assign hotkeys to each option.

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