A question regarding making a window out of a tab.

  • Greetings I am a relatively new user to Vivaldi. When I made the switch from my previous browser, I immediately fell in love with Vivaldi and it's currently my default browser, however, there I have a minor gripe with it. Now, I seem to be unable to simply drag a tab and drop it on a blank space on my desktop, creating a window of the webpage that the tab was on. I'm very used to using this in my previous browser when I was trying to view 2 websites at once, is this feature included in Vivaldi? If not, might it be implemented in the near future?

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    Yeah. Dragging a tab out to make a new window doesn't work just yet. The developers know a lot of people want it. It has been asked about quite a lot.

  • Your question brings me to another question.

    So you can't drag a tab into a new window. But didn't Vivaldi add a feature to drag a tab into multiple grids of different tabs within the browser? You know, so you can see up to 4 tabs at once. Or am I thinking of something else?

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    It's not by dragging. It's by stacking or multi-selecting and then tiling (using the tile button in the status bar). This is a relatively weak version of tiling as found in OldeOpera, because in the original version you could re-size, overlap, and otherwise manipulate tiles within the UI - which you cannot yet do here. They are fixed within their proportional sizes in a grid within the UI.


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