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  • When I visit a site I often open a ton of new tabs from all the links I want to visit, but every time it goes to the new tab so I have to go back to the original tab to open the next link. It is highly annoying, there is no reason to open a new tab if I don't have stuff to do in the original webpage. The default should be that the tab opens in the background and gets out of my way, it is the best feature of any other browser, why would Vivaldi not do that? At least it should be a option to have good tab behavior so I can avoid having to go back hundreds of thousands of times per day while opening all the tabs I want, I want to watch the opened tab at some other time, I just open it in a new tab because I am not interested in reading it JUST now. It makes no sense, the best thing would be to fix this bug.

  • Moderator

    You can open any link in the background with middle-click or, if you are using the context menu to open in a new tab, you can merely select "open in background tab" instead of "open in new tab."

  • I don't have a middle button on my laptop and no way of doing a middle click. And there is no "open in background tab" only "open link in new tab" at least in the linux version.

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    Ctrl+click should do the same thing as middle click. If you don't have "Open link in background tab" in your context menu, then you have a very old version, and should go to and get the latest version, being

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    No problems here on 32-bit Vivaldi for Windows, but Ctrl + Click is much more efficient if you need to open several links in the background.


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