Still impossible to stack pinned tabs or pin stacked tabs.

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    This is an important and durable bug. Needs to be addressed before Beta.

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    This is not even a bug, just a missing feature, and is definitely not serious enough to hold up the release of the Beta.

  • @Ayespy:

    This is an important and durable bug. Needs to be addressed before Beta.

    That's is a feature that may be useful for someone, not arguing on that, but IMO is a corner case that possibly was not even taken in account by the developers, not yet, at least.and possibly the devs have yet to decide what to do with it

    My opinion is that the feature is something that can't be taken in account as a beta blocker, a future refinement in that direction surely will be welcome.

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    It was entirely possible until a couple of builds after TP4 - I think with the introduction of Chromium 45.

    Hence, it is a regression/bug. Clearly the developers intended for this to be possible and just have not gotten around to doing the work necessary to restore the capability. I don't know whether it's a messy and difficult problem, or just low priority - but I know that I came to depend on the ability to do this, and then lost it.

  • I did edit my message but part of the editing went lost, so the above message doesn't reflect exactly what I meant.

    Anyway yes, the devs are aware of it. still not sure if it will be taken in account before b1.

  • I wholeheartedly agree with Ayespy's words & sentiment. It most certainly DID used to work, as i used to use it extensively til it sadly broke. Every new SN release, it's one of the first things i check to see if it's once more available. Each time i find not, i try to take it bravely like a grown woman, though i cunningly camouflage that by collapsing in the corner sobbing & sniffling. ;)

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