New features for Clock and Popout video – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1874.7

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    @Ruarí If the Stable comes out on Wednesday, please fix the following clock problems:

    • the annoying in the "Orario" field (Time)
    • align the two buttons "Salva predefinito" and "Avvio" (Save Preset and Start)
    • when the translation for "Conuntdown" will be inserted remember that in many languages the translation will be longer, for example in Italian is "Conto alla rovescia"

    Immagine 005.png

  • @Folgore101 I still can't replicate #1 (I don't see seconds at all in the popup)
    To solve #2 and #3 popup just must be wider (if need by the locale).
    Or maybe the buttons should be taller and wrap onto two row.
    Guess we'll know at RC (when usually locales are updated).

  • FYI : RIght after the installation of the update, the PiP button wasn't visible on Youtube videos. I had to restart the browser to see it back.

  • @Ornorm And, something to add but I don't remember if it was the case in previous versions, when I close the PiP window, the video pauses automatically (which isn't, as per my point of view, not the expected behaviour).
    Indeed :

    • from standard view to PiP, the video continues smoothly
    • from PiP to standard view, the video pauses

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Been like that for a few snapshots at least.

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