Temperamental Previews.

  • [color=#8800bb]For the past several weeks, if not maybe a few months, i've noticed an odd misbehaviour with any/all posts listed in the fora. Eg, "[i]Recent Posts[/i]" forum "[i]Vivaldi browser for Linux[/i]" forum. [/color] [color=#8800bb]BEFORE this problem began, [i]regardless[/i] of whether i was actually logged in or not, & [i]regardless[/i] of whether i was using my default V x64 in Linux Mint x64, my occasional V x86 in x64 Win10, or my alternative Slimjet x86 in x64 Win10, when i pointed at any post listed in the target forum, a popup balloon preview appeared so i could read the original post's text, which helped me decide if i was interested or not to actually open the thread for further reading. This was a great convenience. Sadly/mysteriously... ...SINCE this problem began, again relevant to the same user-scenarios as above, the "proper" balloon popups only occur if i am NOT logged in. Every time i log in, the fault arises such that the balloon merely says "[i]View New Posts In Topic xxx[/i]", where "xxx" appends the thread's subject. Huh? Has anyone else noticed this? Is the root cause known? Is there a solution?[/color] [color=#004400]<<[b]Edit[/b]>> [u]PS[/u] - Ha, oh dear. Having posted the above, i refreshed the "[i]Recent Posts[/i]" view to make my new post appear, then i pointed at it. To my surprise, the correct balloon popup preview appeared for it. However, all the other posts below it still misbehave as described [whilst i stay logged in]. [/color]

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