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  • Hi! There are 2 issues with the bookmarks bar for me at the moment: 1. No folders allowed for the bookmarks bar at the moment. This makes bookmarks bar practically useless. I have dozens of categories in my opera browsers organized using folders. Simply cannot take all this stuff with me to Vivaldi. 2. There is an issue with the editing of the items (screenshot). Running Vivialdi (Developer Build) dev (64-bit) on Fedora 22. Would you please add/fix. Thanks. Attachments: [img][/img]

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    Folders have always been allowed on the bookmarks bar. Mine on Lubuntu has six folders, and folders within those folders.

    Couldn't say for sure at the moment, but it may be you have to create and name the folders in the bookmarks panel or the bookmarks manager to have them appear on the bar.

    I have not seen the text displacement issue your image shows. Hm.

  • Thanks for mentioning that this is possible! I've managed to get folders by moving toplevel folders into the bookmarks bar one. Though there are still issues with bookmarks bar folders:

    • if you create a new folder in the bookmarks bar folder it does not appear in the bookmarks bar and later just disappears
    • it is not possible to edit name of such folder

    (screen attached)

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    Yes. Manipulating folders from the bookmarks bar interface is problematic at this very early stage of development. Creation and naming of folders at all is glitchy. The developers continue to improve bookmark handling, editing, etc. with almost every build.

  • Good. Thanks for the info provided.
    Waiting for the new builds then.


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