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    in vivaldi we don't have a keyboard shortcut for taking screenshots as far as I know and I couldn't find a way to assign one. I'm not a mouse person myself and when I see others have cool keyboard shortcuts I got jealous.

    but, that's not the real thing that I envy in firefox it's actually what happens after you cmd+shift+s... when you move your cursor it detects the elements on that page and lets you have perfect shots from this elements instead of you trying to make a proper selection. it makes that for you, I think this is amazing.

    who think we must have this in vivaldi? who is on board? I really loved that thing and I don't want to open firefox just to have screenshots 🙂

    thank you.

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  • @baris-sehri We do have hotkeys for screenshots, just search settings for "capture" 🙂

    (... confusingly placed under both Window and Tab for some reason... 🙄 )

    But yeah I agree, it could definitely be improved a bit, the way Firefox does it is great.

    Just allowing us to resize the capture area instead of redoing it would be a major improvement! The selecting of page elements is really neat as well, but harder to implement I guess.

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    just search settings for "capture"

    you are right! I'm always forgetting this. it's capture, but I always look for a screen. I even do this when I type it on quick commands. I forget to capture and pause a bit and then remember it after a second or two 😣

    firefox' way of auto-detecting elements is crazy. there's some features in firefox I think vivaldi should also be doing. they are cool...

    thank you for helping as always,

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