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  • Hi there! By default right-click menu for a link suggests 'Open in a new tab' as the first item which opens a link in a new tab and then switches to that tab. In Opera, FF, Chrome (all browsers) behavior for the first item is 'Open in a new background tab'. I've used to this behavior and the fact that vivaldi behaves differently is really annoying. Would you please bring this in line with other browsers/add setting for that. Thanks.

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    I find the Vivaldi method to be the traditional and proper one.

    Other browsers no longer do it that way. I think they are wrong.

  • So I find that Vivaldi is wrong. It is a matter of taste and nothing to argue about. Additional option in settings will make everybody happy.

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    Correct. An option would be good.

  • Miss a further option: Open here (in same tab) - some sites open links by deafult in new tab and that can become annoying as well

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    I'm not sure browser coding can really do anything about that. That is coded right into the link itself! And if a browser is able to open a new tab, a link can force it to.

    The HTML code: target =" _blank"> (if I remember correctly) will always cause a browser to open a new tab (or window if not a tabbed browser) and then direct it to the address specified after the ">". I don't know that there is any way to prevent that.

  • You're right, Ayespy, target="_blank" is what causes links to be opened in a new tab. This:```

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