Further blocker improvements, password sorting, and seconds in the clock – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1873.3

  • Someone will explain why Vivaldi stuck up every time you turn off the video ? Nothing helps even with reinstalling the browser.

  • Upgraded Chromium to 81.0.4044.88

    Could you guys make it easier to download the corresponding Chromium build of a Vivaldi release, for testing equivalent functionality ?
    I’m guessing that Vivaldi has that information already, so maybe put a link on the Help > About page (or even the Bug report page, next to the existing “The latest stable release of Vivaldi is: 2.11 - Download it here if you are using an older version” note).

    In this case I found a version 81.0.4044.0 Chromium build (so not exactly the mentioned 81.0.4044.88 one) in 5 easy steps:

    • go to the Chrome Updates archive
    • lookup the “Version Information” for the mentioned 81.0.4044.88 build
    • once confirming that the 2c32781d00679db23f3ccb27c383ed2c2ab291b1 commit hash matches @Ruarí’s link, make note of the 737173 “Branch Base Position”
    • go to the Chromium builds archive
    • browse to the desired OS directory and download e.g. chrome-win.zip a.k.a. Win_x64_737173_chrome-win.zip

  • Anybody else have problem with disappearing side panel when tegel to full screen (both video full page) in second window ???

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    @oinodin Not a problem; it is the expected behaviour.

    If you wish, you can show the panels in fullscreen by using its shortcut (F4), but if a video is playing in fullscreen mode that will not work.

  • Please fix Extension shortcuts not working "On vivaldi"

  • Is it possible to synchronize Speed Dial bookmarks with your non-Speed Dial bookmarks?
    What I mean is that I can add one of my bookmark folders onto Speed Dial but what it does is completely copy and paste and when I add a bookmark onto the folder, it doesn't add to the Speed Dial version of the folder

  • @JustanotherMalaysian Just don't copy the folder and simply tick the Speed Dial checkbox (or right click the folder and select Use as Speed Dial).

  • @Pesala ohh sorry it look like i wasn't clear enough. i use multi monitor setup and i have multiple window open same time. for example i have separate window for youtube on my secondary screen and "main" window on main screen. problem is that this disappearing panel happen when i go fullscreen on my youtube window but it disappear in my main window (all other as well)

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @oinodin I can confirm that this is happening. I've been annoyed by this issue for a while but I could never figure out why the panel sometimes disappeared.

    I only have a single monitor but I have two Vivaldi windows open on that monitor. One window I use for, among other things, YouTube videos and the other for work-related stuff. The panel bar would disappear seemingly randomly, but only in my work window. Now I see why this is happening: I open a video in fullscreen in my "leisure window", which removes the panel bar in my other window. And when I leave fullscreen, the panel bar is still missing the other window.

  • @Komposten ohh ok so i wasn't alone. i report it as bug so hopefully it will be fixed

  • After running Vivaldi for a while (days), the UI mouse-right-click popup menus (favorite bar, tabs, panel, ...) stop working. Noticed this in the last few snapshots. A restart of Vivaldi fixes the problem (for a while).

    Win10x64 Vx64

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    @oinodin I can confirm that too.

    It is useful to have the panels on two windows acting independently — one can show a translation panel on one, and the notes panel on the other, or whatever.

    Please see How to Report a Bug

    This link is now on the Help menu, Report a Bug.

  • Is it possible to block video ads (on twitch.tv for example) with the built-in ad blocker? I tested it and still saw video ads on twitch.tv, while they were completely blocked with uBlock Origin for example. I wanted to replace uBlock Origin with the internal adblocker (one extension less I have to use, yay!), but that's kind of a dealbreaker. Can this be configured or will this be implemented in the future?

  • @Medeman If uBlock can do it, the internal blocker can as well. It's just a matter of figuring out what URL(s) to block. The internal blocker can use the same lists as uBlock, so probably you won't even need to make your own list, just figure out what list to add.

    You need to look at the network tab in DevTools to get an idea what to block.
    Do you have a link to a channel with a lot of such ads?

    EDIT: From a quick look at Twitch, looks like it uses amazon-adsystem.com to serve ads. This is already included in the list "English (Peter Lowe's List)" which Vivaldi includes. You might just need to enable it.

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