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Further blocker improvements, password sorting, and seconds in the clock – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1873.3

  • Bitwarden vault is not autolocking in Vivaldi, I tested stable 2.11 and latest 2.12 snapshot. It works fine on other chromium based browsers and Firefox.

  • @Gwen-Dragon is this bug being looked upon?

  • The integrated adblocker is causing some glitches on computerbase.de using the base filter of AdGuard.

  • @HalleAndert probably the list isn't fully supported and partially imported in Vivaldi's adblocker.

  • @iAN-CooG i have the AdGuard extension installed but it's not activated when I test the integrated adblocker to make sure that everything works as intended.

  • Start Page > Start Page Background -> Custom - "Use Desktop Wallpaper" doesn't work

    Reported as VB-65493

    Windows 10 1909 (Build 18363.720)
    2.11.1811.52 (Stable) Standard + 2 standalone installations x 3 profiles
    2.12.1873.3 (Build) Standalone installation x 5 profiles

  • - Ambassador -

    @mimismum Confirmed here too. I see no workaround.

  • @Pesala Thanks.
    Luckily the profiles I have had Desktop wallpaper enabled are keeping the option. I suppose one can downdate (is there such a word?), enable the option, then update again, if so wishes. Hopefully it is a easily fixable bug.

  • @gwen-dragon: I have to try that sequence. If it works it's a nice workaround but it's still different than what's expected.

  • @victorbayas said:

    Bitwarden vault is not autolocking in Vivaldi,

    What's "autolocking"? I use Bitwarden and am curious.

  • @ipristy: Ubuntu disables third-party repositories on dist upgrade, that might have been the issue.
    (I see I'm not the only one that couldn't resist upgrading to the beta 🙂

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    I am having the same or similar video site hang like @Ryanchuang. There were some people in the last snapshot with the same or very similar issue too. I wish I could link the posts from the last snapshot, but I don't know how.

    I can get my Intel 9600K and 16GB memory up to way over 50 percent utilization when scrolling Youtube comments, and the comments are very laggy to scroll.

    Certain random videos (but not Youtube) trigger the black screen/lockup. I wish I could figure out if it is a certain site, type of video, or what that causes the lockup. I haven't been able to discern a pattern yet. There is one Vivaldi process that has way over 500,000K "Dedicated GPU Memory" as it is called in Windows Task Manager. If I have the lockup, and force close this particular process, things go somewhat back to normal, the lockup resolves itself for a time.

    I think both of these are indication of something wrong with Vivaldi's GPU processing in some way, maybe a memory leak? The latest Chrome 64 bit, Firefox 64 bit, nor Internet Explorer 11 have this problem on my system, it is specific to Vivaldi. I have tried disabling all extensions as well as private browsing and neither fix the issue. This has been going on for at least the last 3 snapshots if not more.

    I have all the latest Windows 10 updates, and I have the latest Nvidia drivers. I attached the first part of Vivaldi:gpu, and some error logs from that same page below. There are literally hundreds of similar logs on that page.

    System: Win10 Enterprise ver 1909, GTX1660 16GB RAM.

    Graphics Feature Status
    Canvas: Hardware accelerated
    Flash: Hardware accelerated
    Flash Stage3D: Hardware accelerated
    Flash Stage3D Baseline profile: Hardware accelerated
    Compositing: Hardware accelerated
    Multiple Raster Threads: Enabled
    Out-of-process Rasterization: Disabled
    OpenGL: Enabled
    Hardware Protected Video Decode: Unavailable
    Rasterization: Hardware accelerated
    Skia Renderer: Disabled
    Video Decode: Hardware accelerated
    WebGL: Hardware accelerated
    WebGL2: Hardware accelerated

    [10324:15700:0406/135739.214:WARNING:angle_platform_impl.cc(45)] : compileToBinary(256): C:\fakepath(75,10-46): warning X3571: pow(f, e) will not work for negative f, use abs(f) or conditionally handle negative values if you expect them C:\fakepath(98,10-46): warning X3571: pow(f, e) will not work for negative f, use abs(f) or conditionally handle negative values if you expect them
    [10324:13500:0406/152248.978:INFO:wmf_media_pipeline.cc(280)] : PROPMEDIA(GPU) : Initialize mime type video/mp4
    [10324:9380:0406/152249.039:ERROR:source_reader_worker.cc(142)] : PROPMEDIA(GPU) : GetAudioBitrate : Received an error
    [10324:9380:0406/152249.039:ERROR:source_reader_worker.cc(157)] : PROPMEDIA(GPU) : GetVideoBitrate : Received an error
    [10324:13500:0406/161643.067:ERROR:gl_utils.cc(312)] : [.DisplayCompositor] GL_INVALID_OPERATION: Invalid mailbox name.
    [10324:4700:0406/163357.994:ERROR:source_reader_worker.cc(112)] : PROPMEDIA(GPU) : GetNativeMediaType : Received an error
    [10324:4700:0406/163357.994:ERROR:source_reader_worker.cc(96)] : PROPMEDIA(GPU) : SetCurrentMediaType : Received an error
    [10324:4700:0406/163357.994:ERROR:wmf_media_pipeline.cc(1041)] : PROPMEDIA(GPU) : ConfigureStream Failed to set media type. No audio track?
    [10324:13500:0407/000710.658:WARNING:wmf_byte_stream.cc(262)] : PROPMEDIA(GPU) : OnReadData read_error=-1 remaining_bytes=16
    GpuProcessHost: The GPU process was killed by you! Why?

  • Password sorting. Tnx a lot ❤

  • A small old bug: chrome://translate-internals still force close Vivaldi 😉

  • Moderator

    @Hadden89 Report was VB-65506 "Crash with chrome://translate-internals"

  • @Gwen-Dragon Tnx, didn't known if known/reported/confirmed (yet) 🙂

  • Moderator

    @Hadden89 Thanks for this hint. Works on Chromium 81 and Edge 80.

  • @ruarí: Yep, works as expected now.

  • Happy to report that the freezing the previous snapshot was suffering from seems to be gone - at least hasn't happened once since I installed this one.

  • @gwen-dragon: Win7 and yes,no extensions at all,disable tracker as well. The video site hang is :https://gounlimited.to,sometimes it wasn't just on the specific video site,it happened some of video sites.

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