Extreme battery drain even at Idle with Vivaldi

  • Dell laptop. Pull it off charger, set power mode to "Longest Battery Life". Power meter shows "100% (2hr 35min left)". Start Vivaldi. Power meter shows "100% (1hr 02min left)". Battery drains in approximately 45 minutes with only Vivaldi running over and above whatever system things this laptop also runs. With Chrome running idle, it says "100% (2hr 12min left)" on a full charge. And discharges in about 2hrs. I can play GTA V on this laptop for an hour and 10, or I can run Vivaldi. 😃

  • Have you tried Maxthon on your laptop? I used to find Maxthon didn't use too much resources even with video running it was close to Internet Explorer. Another browser that may interest you might be Palemoon or Internet Explorer. Most of the other browsers are resource hogs even Opera. Laptops are a nuisance but I've found the best operating system is Windows 8.1 and keep well away from Linux on a laptop.


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