HTML(5) - Which elements are italic by default?

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    I like to know which HTML elements are displayed as italic by default and in which browsers. I am on a private project to change all CSS font-style: italic; and HTML italic elements to real webfonts with Italic font cut,
    Why this? Because browsers slant too much normal font and do not select the correct webfont even if it is defined as italic.

    I know about these HTML elements which show up as italic:

    • I
    • EM
    • CITE

    I feel a little ashamed because as Webdev and Programmer i should know where to lookup information. Was at searching at and did DuckDuckGo a lot 😞 May be current quarantine is stressing a little bit. Who knows.

    Perhaps one of you can give me a hint. I appreciate your help.

  • It appears there are six HTML elements which default style to italic :

    • address
    • cite
    • em
    • i
    • dfn
    • var

    Figcaption isn't one of them, as you can see.

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    @michuu Thanks for the link to W3Schools. Strange i could not find that by DuckDuckGo engine.
    //EDIT: Oh, ok, i did not search for key word CSS, i think. Or i did miss this link in search result list. 👵👓

    Anyway, your link helps! 🙂 👍
    And i will save that as a Note in Vivaldi.

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