No more per-userblog RSS?

  • Why is this portal so hostile to subscribing to userblog RSS feeds? I was previously able to figure out with great difficulty some direct RSS feeds to certain userblogs, but this feature does not work anymore and I cannot find if it has been killed or only moved. Will we get userblog RSS feeds back? Will we get visible buttons to subscribe to userblog RSS feeds?

  • Hello ersi,

    Try something like this :


  • Thanks. Can you tell me how you found it? I was using something very different until now, and it just stopped working.

  • Yes, simply by trying several syntaxes. After a few minutes I found it - probably with some luck… :P

  • This is how I earlier found it too, with trial and error and luck. But it should not be this way. There should be visible buttons.

    And I noticed that the feed is not working anymore in Rawdog, my RSS client. Something has been changed.

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