Ghost in the Shell: First Assault

  • There is a new Online FPS coming from Nexon, it's called Fist Assault, based on the Ghost in the Shell franchise. I participated in the CBT1 phase and my impressions are very positive - the game has much to offer - you can choose a character with a different skill - invisibility, rocket launcher that is inside your forearm, legit wallhack for a few seconds, healing and increased health, increased speed, sending seeker drones that find enemies and explode into them, placing defense turrets, etc. One very prominent feature the game has is the weapon customization system, while, not as robust as Blacklight Retribution's this one allows you to install attachments on your weapon, like scopes, barrels, muzzles, handles which modify the stats of that weapon. Closed Beta1 phase ran from October 1st till October 5th, so far, no news of CBT2 date has been released, but you can apply if you are interested. You can find more information here: [url=]First Assault | Official Website[/url] [url=]First Assault | Official Forums[/url] [video][/video]

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