Built-in Ad Blocker – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1864.3

  • @luetage It doesn't seem to block any AdSense and Concert ads, among others: https://imgur.com/a/MauGQpj

    At this point I'm wondering what exactly does it block because I see absolutely no difference with the usual amount of ads I get with no adblocker at all.

  • @rnet I just noticed that an AdSense ad at the top of this webpage disappeared after half a minute or so, all the others are still there. It kind of defeats the purpose to waste battery and data to load all ads first then blank them long after the fact. Is this intended behaviour?


  • @rnet A filter list doesn't block an ad after some delay, but right when the site loads. As said, try different sites first and compare them on desktop without blocking. If you want anyone else to test, you will have to provide links.

  • I really welcome all the changes, but could you please give us back the reload button?


  • @mossman said in Built-in Ad Blocker – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1864.3:

    Testing to see if fix for VB-64310 is what I need to stop my phone keyboard from obscuring the input area of e.g. this forum...

    Just need to type a bit more text in here and... Nope. Now I'm typing blind again... Sigh.

    Finally got round to submitting the report: VB-65296

  • @rnet: This whole delay until ads get removed sounds like you might be loading the page from cache initially. When it reloads the ad is blocked and thus disappears.

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    Craashes after some seconds on Android 9. I did Sync between PC/Linux desktop and Beta/Snapshot before. 😞

    //EDIT: Unistalled, installed and resynced.
    Works now.

  • Does the adblocker use Chromium's subresource filtering? If not, how was it implemented?

    btw Madiso and I would really love it if the devs saw this: https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/42224/switch-to-tab-function

  • @EvilSpark Yeah! Like Chrome Home! Unfortunately Google has removed it from newer versions of Chromium but hopefully the Vivaldi team can make it work.



  • @Kurre same problem here: today I'm trying to migrate to Vivaldi and discovered that 1Password's autofill is not working in it. Works well in any other browser I've tested.

  • Alternative Downloads (1864.3)

    • armeabi-v7a
    • arm64-v8a
    • x86-64

    If you are not sure which one is right for you, simply install Droid Hardware Info, switch to the ‘System’ Tab and look at the ‘Instruction Sets’ line.

    Next time, can you please reorder the downloads list to put the more likely arm64-v8a configuration first (unless your telemetry tells you otherwise).

    Then, instead of suggesting downloading another app, suggest trying them all, in order (I’d say that’ll be faster, simpler, and safer). Something like:

    Manually installed files can be updated from the Play Store at a later date.
    If you are not sure which one is right for you, try them all; only one will be installed on your device.

  • I use Vivaldi Snapshots, I love it. But there's something I want to ask, can the panels layout just like the Beta? I can't attach the screenshots here. So both in Beta and Snapshots we can swipe between bookmarks, history, notes, and download, and I think it looks better if the labels placed on the top. it looks rough to be placed on the bottom. The Beta release has the search button on the bottom, so I'd love to if the search button in the Snapshots to be placed on the bottom too. One thing again the background on Beta looks like it has blur so can the Snapshots get same thing. Umm and I really like the tab strip on Snapshots.

  • @oberlyn the new layout for panels in Snapshot is a definite improvement over the layout in Beta -- there's more space for the content. In Beta there's wasted space for the page title. You can see more history, bookmarks, etc. in the new layout. I didn't even realize the buttons (what you called labels I believe) moved until I read this, so not an issue for me; I am thankful, however, for the extra useful space.


    Project - Drawing 15647590168190166975~01~01~01.png



    As you can see, the moved the page title up into the title bar where, automatically, it belongs. That frees up its previous location to display more content, but the buttons no longer fit where they were before.

    Moving the buttons to the bottom also makes sense, rather than trying to cram it into the title bar where it used to be for a couple reasons. For the moment, it looks better giving everything room to stand on its own and not clutter the title bar.

    Next, and in my opinion more importantly, placing the panel buttons on the bottom toolbar provides ample room for more buttons, that is to say more panels. As Vivaldi Android matures it would be great to see this feature expand -- panels is one of the most powerful and productivity enhancing features of the desktop browser in my opinion.

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