Sorting of tabs does not work when tabgroup used

  • I've opend 4 sites and 3 in a tabgroup. Now i wanted to sort tabs, but when i picking tabgroup for sorting and move to another place it will be placed on right side. Sometimes tabs were shown totally crappy with text overlappings and spaces between tabs. When i release tab group everything works fine Sorting within a tabgroup not possible too

  • I'm able to reproduce this bug as described above.

  • Still not resolved in actual version 1.0.300.5

  • Yes, sorting with tab-groups is nearly impossible.

  • yeah … now it works, exept sorting of tabs within an tabgroup

  • Two years later, 1.10.845.3 ... doesn't work ... i mean "sorting in tab groups". How hard can it be ;)?

  • @PietroPizzi

    How hard can it be ;)?

    Hard if anything else also asked and try to do everything with small team;

    • Like other people request. Most requester also make habit to ask "when" every time frame.
    • First dream such Email client or Old Opera like ability.
    • Incoming new bugs such extension compatibility.
    • Give away new feature just to found it introduce new bugs.
    • List could go on.

    Give kudos to the devs? :grin:

    OK, those above probably anger you. No hard feeling?

    I use Chrome extension to sort tabs currently. Which surprisingly, work in Vivaldi stacked tabs.
    I like this one as it could also split same domain in to other windows. This feature alone good to be in Vivaldi in future.

    Sorry, I put the wrong extension:
    Tab Sorter. Hence the name.
    This one is the one which could split/extract same domain & send them to other window.

    I don't delete the old one, probably you want to check it too.

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