after making a new profile and changing all my extensions i am still getting errors

  • so the deadbird error has been giving me hell recently and i asked what to do about it, someone said reset your profile so i did. reset it and synced it up and the extensions came back and i was still getting the dead bird. so i took them off one by one to see which one is doing it and NONE of them are. i disabled each one, one by one and i still got the dead bird error. only this time it happens when i leave a page alone for too long or when im on a website and i click on something it just pops up sometimes. idk anymore, what am i doing wrong here?

  • @dadisnotmad
    Hi, disabling does not work in some cases, you have to remove them.
    Before you can try a guest profile or reset again and disable extensions in sync.

    Cheers, mib

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