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  • How to logout of Vivaldi Webmail? Since the recent ghange in the appearance of the webmail, the only way I see to log out is to select the thing at the top that looks like a head in a circle and entitled "Person 1". When I select it, the drop down panel has a selection entitled "Exit Person 1", but when I click on this, it closes the Vivaldi browser completely. Is there any to have a simple button which closes the webmail function, but leaves the browser still operating?

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    @jfh That's the browser you're looking at not the webmail. The webmail is just in the webpage.

    to log out of webmail, look at the bottom left of the screen, and click where it says "Logout"

  • Thanks, LonM. Nothing at the bottom left of my screen says "Logout", but at the left bottom there is a red circle enclosing a upright bar, and when I click on that circle, it logs me out.

  • @jfh The **Elastic User Interface"" has a logout button at bottom left.


    The Larry UI has one at top right.

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