Blocked sites information – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1862.3

  • Crash at startup again. Linux x86_64.

  • @Folgore101
    thanks for the hint but doesn't change something

  • @AXK Go to Settings, Webpages, and disable Use Tab Zoom. Each website will then remember your preferred webpage zoom for that site.

  • @zoli62 I also noticed this issue on updating. Hopefully, it won't happen repeatedly.

    Go to Settings, Keyboard, and enable single-key shortcuts.

    • Assign "s" to View, Status Bar
    • Assign "b" to View, Bookmarks Bar

    Then you can easily deal with such problems by using BS 😁

    Edit: On restarting Vivaldi, the Bookmarks Bar was shown, so it does seem to be a one time only issue.

  • pff.jpg

    I wonder what this is 😕

    EDIT: I also found this just now.


  • @baris-sehri No doubt a planned feature that should not be listed yet. It does not show up on Windows.

    Please see How to Report a Bug

    This link is now on the Help menu, Report a Bug.

  • Moderator

    @derDay Strange, on a test installation i had the same problem and i solved it by deleting that file. Now i'm getting a doubt, maybe i had also deleted the folder "AdBlockRules".
    Try renaming them both, it's definitely a problem in the profile since you don't see it with the guest window.

  • The Bookmarks Panel occasionally shows a blank area at the top. This has happened with notes in the past too. I think it is a known issue, but here it just surfaced again.

    Blank Bookmarks Panel.png

    Changing the sort order fixes it.

  • @derDay Same for me...
    In addition to that, I noticed the tracker counter on increases every second... (see gif below) I don't know if this is a bug or if Google Translate tries to "send" new trackers every time.


    I........ love....... you...... less! (kidding)

  • @pesala: I don't know how that happened but it was my mistake actually, I'm sorry. it was not the snapshot 2.12.1862.3 it was something like 2.12.1283... how did I downloaded that I don't know really:/

    but, now I can't see the clock in 2.12.1862.3 and resetting status bar, reseting toolbar not helping either...

  • @Ornorm it's not showing those numbers on macOS 😭


  • Vivaldi Translator

    @Ornorm said in Blocked sites information – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1862.3:

    In addition to that, I noticed the tracker counter on increases every second...

    I've seen similar stuff with Adblock Plus on some sites (like Dropbox Paper). There is probably some element which the site keeps adding back each time it notices that it is missing, and then the blocker removes it again.

  • @zoli62 Yes, I had to uncheck "bookmarks bar" designator in the bookmarks applet, then reenabled and it worked.
    Tested some more: need to do it each time browser is started.
    Same problem on both linux and win10.
    Later: Tried with a new profile and it was good for awhile, then started disappearing again after a restart. So, went back to orig profile and use ctrl-shift-b (needs to be hit twice) after every restart. @Pesala has a solution above.
    It seems settings>panel>show panel toggle is tied in with the bookmarks bar problem. The panel toggle is also disappeared when browser is first started. If you go to settings, toggle it off and back on, both the bookmarks bar and panel toggle appear. So, is that why ctrl-shift-b needs to be hit twice upon browser restart? I think so....

  • Issue: the status bar is always showing after each restart.
    Go to Preferences > Show Info Overlay. Restart. The status bar is there again!

  • @Folgore101
    as some more vivaldi users have the same problem ( @Ornorm @baris-sehri), it seems not to be a profile thing, but thanks anyway

    someone mentioned in one of the last snapshot news, that Vivaldi should publish an article, how the blocker works.
    my question is: if I enable the adblocker from the badge at, does it work only for this site or does it work for * ? and what is the better approach? the the desired behavior depends from user to user

  • Markdown button in the Notes is broken now. Nothing changes after pressing it.

  • @Ornorm
    Happen on latest snapshot (where I'm testing the adblocker) don't happen on RC snapshot (where I use Ubo).
    Worth reporting that.
    Fun fact: Don't happen on even if trackers are blocked.


    • Adblocker off: Everything is permitted to/from
    • Adblocker on: Follow the ruleset.

    I'm pretty sure the adblocker will "simply" fetch the rules; acting in a different way would be probably unwanted and will make harder to understand if a ruleset is valid or not, especially as we haven't logs or "advanced options".
    However, a page reload is probably need.

    what is the better approach? the the desired behavior depends from user to user

    The current one as a default. Otherwise Vivaldi will "hijack" the lists.

  • @Pesala,
    is wrong.
    restart vivaldi, the bookmark panel is NOT displayed!
    and in addition: with the mouse you have to send the menu command (Menu/View/View bookmark-panel) twice - to make the panel visible again. With keyboard (strg-shift-B) it is usually more direct (1x).
    What a crazy - and so unnecessary bug!

  • @Hadden89 said in Blocked sites information – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1862.3:

    • Adblocker on: Follow the ruleset.

    that's right, but how do I know as user, what's the ruleset for the domain? I've enabled 2 lists. Do I have to check them manually? Especially for google it's pretty hard to check all the rulesets in all filterlists.
    So for now I don't know if any subdomain is also affected or not? (except I check the rulesets)

  • @dremlon The Bookmark Panel is not the Bookmarks Bar. The Bookmarks Tab (Ctrl+Shift+B) is something else again. Vivaldi provides several ways of using and managing bookmarks. The Bookmarks Bar is best for using, the Bookmarks Panel is best for organising them. I rarely use the Bookmarks Tab, but that might be more powerful for organising bookmarks.

    Please check and try again.

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