Profile Button invisible?

  • Hi guys, i couldn't find a solution online and dont really understand why its happening.... I want to use different Profiles on a same PC for different purposes. I checked the "Show Profile Button" and it is there and working, but I cannt see the profile pictures. Is there a way to fix this? Anmerkung 2020-03-25 145656.jpg

    I'm on Vivaldi 2.12.1856.3 and using Windows 10 1909. I just reinstalled Windows, so there is almost nothing installed yet.

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    @AnnettRothstein This is a known bug. It's being worked on. In the meantime, if you set a picture for your Vivaldi profile, here, it will use that image instead.

  • Thank you! I was just about to add that the problem doesn't accur till I sync the new Profile. Your answer explained it.

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