12 apps for remote work that take privacy seriously

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    @Catweazle said in 12 apps for remote work that take privacy seriously:

    emojis are not a problem for me

    Yes, because Windows use a different font to display Emojis.

  • @Catweazle No you've partly missed my point.


    ...are NOT available to you external to the forum software. Lookee here:

    Here's a post [well, the final three words] of mine, to which my friend later attached two reaction-emojis [as indicated]. The fab thing about this tool is that we can react to posts via one or multiple emojis without even needing necessarily to actually create a written reply-post. Your windoze & other forum emojis cannot help you here, unless the forum itself has this tool natively, as is true of Discourse fora with this plug-in enabled by the Admins.


    Here's the temporary reaction-emoji pop-up from which we choose our response:


    Obviously you'll recognise the individual emojis themselves; they're not what's special. The special part is simply being able to respond pictorially, quite separate to needing a formal post.

    The emojis that you mentioned are only useful to you once you have begun drafting an actual post... not at all what i'm talking about here.

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    @Steffie , ah, Ok, so I got you wrong. I was referring to the emojis available for the written response, of these there are quite a few, also in this forum in two menus in the edit bar.
    In another forum we also have some emojis to put them as a rating apart from just the 'Like', but only 4 basic ones. It would be nice to have it here, true, but I don't see it as important either.

    But to return to the topic, it should be added that in certain social networks the Like button is directly a spy that provides data about the user that is added to other metadata and it is therefore not recommended to use it on these sites.

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    @Ayespy Thanks for the link. News to me.

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