Problems with running multiple portable versions of vivaldi

  • I want to use multiple portable browsers. 6 in total. but for some reason I cannot get number 5 and 6 to run as needed. they either open up as a tab from portable browser 1-4. or when it seems to work separately I get "Leave site? Changes you made may not be saved" so basically nothing gets saved. I dont understand this at all. the point of installing portable software is that everything is saved in its OWN folder right? and therefor it is portable? why is it not working? am I doing something wrong? or is there just a limit of how many portable browsers you can run at the same time?

  • @5674568465 Vivaldi does not have a portable version!

    It can be installed as "standalone" (where all data is saved under the same folder); however it will only be fully operable on the machine it was installed on (loses extensions, passwords etc on other machines).

    See for more details.

    So do you REALLY need 6 "portable" versions or are you trying to do something else where alternative options may be available?

  • This post is deleted!

  • not sure what went wrong but currently I got everything working. maybe my pc needed a reboot or something. topic can be closed. thanks for the help.

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