Advice on a new progamming language to learn (I am bored)

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    do you guys have any recommendations for theme, mod and extension and even app (for later) development? where should I begin? I would really appreciate some guidance, tips some useful links, blogs etc. 🙏ðŸŧ

  • As I'm a total C64 nerd, I would as well recommend programming something for this amazing oldschool beast. And I would love to see some new programs (maybe a markdown editor or something useful for 2020) for the GEOS operating system.

    Accidentally I just stumbled an amazing resource for programming GEOS Apps, there are complete disk images for GeoForth (didn't you mention Forth? 😉 ), GeoAssembler, GeoBasic and GeoCom:
    Especially the last one seems like a great experiment to dive in. Here's a quick presentation on the syntax of GeoCom and there's a complete documentation, too. Oh, and a Youtube Video! ðŸ˜ē ðŸĪŠ 😃
    As the site describes, it is a very uncommon way to code in contrast to current languages.

    I managed to get it running using the GEOS128.d81 diskimage in the VICE emulator with mouse support which makes it quite convenient to use.

    Here's an example of a GEOS DTP Publishing App, just to show what's possible in general on these machines:
    GEOS DTP Publishing

    The fun thing is that it might be really useful because GEOS right now is being very active again due to the MEGA65 project that ports GEOS to the C65 hardware project, have a look here:

    I hope I could inspire you a little 🙂

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    @cukabeka Yep, I mentioned Forth however do not have a C-64. Always had Sinclair (Timex in North America). Started with a ZX 81, then a 2068, and for a while the QL.
    There were a group of us all had the 2068, Larken Disk Drive System (it would control 4 51/4" floppy drives). I also had Zebra Systems drive controller (AKA Portuguese Disk Drive System in Europe).

    Timex Portugal launched improved versions, the TS 2048 and 2068; that company also developed and launched the FDD 3000, a floppy disk system, although it was not well received by the market.

    It ran 3" Single Sided Floppies not 31/2" we got used to.

    The one I got was used (probably from a developer) and came with about a dozen floppies containing Z 80 machine language interpreter, C, Forth and lord knows what else. The only books I could find at the time were Forth books so I got into that.

    Just downloaded Win32 Forth. We'll see how my AV likes it. Had to disable it to download and install then whitelist its folder structure.

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