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  • Hi, first, sorry about my English. I have a trouble with vivaldi's "developer tools" , it seems like chrome that is very complete, but the problem is that on chrome by default the tool is embedded on tab and you can see the console or the use of resources by the web, but on vivaldi the tool appears on a singular windows, and you can't see in live what do the web or check some thing that you need to see. I tried to put in the same but is imposible ( at least for me), on chrome you can put out of windows (as it appears on vivaldi) and after put in again . I don't know if this is a bugs, or is like vivaldi work or I can't find the way to put it on. I hope you can understand and thanks

  • I wouldn't use Vivaldi yet for this stuff, anyway I think they'll care about the dev tools later since not everyone is a developer
    Anyway there's an oblivious workaround:
    1 - un-maximize Vivaldi
    2 - put the window with the tools just below the browser

    pic related:

  • Thanks GinoPerla, I know there are a lot of thing more important that this, but just I put it so they know that some thing don't work good, I try to use vivaldi for all, to find some bugs ( like video on twitter ) or this that I put, I no hope this is resolved soon but I would like them to know for the future

  • The dev tools have a windows native ui, so I guess they still have to integrate them within the browser which is written with modern javascript frameworks/html/css
    They're going to do what you ask for sure!

  • I would like to request this as well. Having the Dev Tools forced to be outside the main window is not very nice.

  • The real issue with this is when you are working on multiple pages, you have to open multiple console windows even though there is only one browser window, and if you close one of your tabs the console window associated with it stays open.

  • I mean not "close" but if you move on to use the tab for something else you forget there is a console open for it.

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