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  • you are right with each new version of vivaldi ,im able to delete extentions because vivaldi has new things that you dont need all the extentions, for instance i got rid of no squint, dont need it, nimbus --dont need it you have a screenshot built in , it would be nice if i could get rid of my tab reloader extention next, would be great if you could right click on a tab and set the tab to reload at intervals , the way vivaldi is evolving you soon wont need any extentions and thats great

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    @jonjon49 I would avoid all extensions if I could. I only use WordWeb, which seems harmless, but even that breaks the Alt+W access key to open the Window menu.

    Vote for Auto Reload Options, which already has a lot of votes.

    The Vivaldi Team is small, and there are currently almost 2,500 feature requests so there will always be some that do not get done.

  • @Pesala i had to get the nimbus screenshot extention as your screenshot tool is not very good you cant add text or writing on shots like opera has, so nimbus allows you to basically make your own memes from a screenshot wish vivaldis could but oh well

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    @jonjon49 For taking screen shots I prefer to use FastStone Capture because it works system-wide. I used it for many of the screen shots on the linked web site, and for the video tutorials.

    Vivaldi's screen capture is better when it comes to taking a screen shot of the entire web page, but that is limited to about 32K vertical pixels.

    Adding image editing tools to Vivaldi's screen capture tool would be feature bloat. I know some users want it, but it is not the optimal solution.

  • @Pesala :

    Because of your recommendatión in you web page I bought FastStone Capture. For my work I use it a lot daily. It is fantastic.

    I agree with you Vivaldi should not convert in a swiss knive to satisfy other tasks in Windows.
    There is a lot of free open source software to do those things.

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