Weird pixelated rendering

  • Seeing odd pixelation in Snapshot 2.12.1856.3 that I haven't seen in other programs. They persist and move when I scroll the page, but disappear when the rendering area is resized (for example, resizing the window, or minimizing the web panel). Anyone else seen this?

    I also noticed the panel icon itself has some pixelation on it (not super visible in this screenshot though, look to the right of the window icon).


  • Actually, my Nvidia driver was updated to 445.75 today, maybe it's related to that, and I just haven't seen it yet in other programs...

  • Try turning off hardware acceleration under Settings > Webpages and restart Vivaldi. If it's fixed, then it's the graphics driver.

  • @Pathduck I'm thinking it is the driver. So far, I haven't seen it after disabling hardware acceleration. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • It definitely was the driver. After posting this, I noticed other applications mis-behaving over the following days. For those that find their way here, there is a hotfix for 445.75 (445.78). I haven't seen it show up in GeForce Experience, but here's a direct link:

    However, this hotfix did not fix the issue with my particular hardware (GTX 1050 on XPS 15 9560).

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