Panel with icons only on new window. bug? request?

  • When I open a new window, the new window always displays the panel icons. Longer version, other features exist, or not, as in the initial window - tabs, bookmark bar, address bar, status bar. But the panel always starts with icons only. I would expect the default behaviour to be to start hidden, or eventually in the same state as in the 'mother' window. Am I making a request or reporting a bug? Or both... 🙂

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    The browser remembers your windows state from last close if you "Start With Last Session" (settings.)

    How do you start?

  • @Ayespy:

    How do you start?

    With last session.

    Just now:

    1. Closed Vivaldi (File > Exit) while all four windows had no panel

    2. Started Vivaldi

    3. All four windows at the previous state (as expected)

    4. Panel icons showed up for a fraction of a second and then became hidden (the final outcome is as expected, that the panel shows up briefly not expected, no problem, only slightly weird)

    5. Open new window (Ctrl+N)

    6. Panel icons displayed on the new window

  • I was able to reproduce this bug by following the steps as outlined above by rkzn.

  • Thanks. What's next?

    Someone catches it up? You report it? I report it?

    I'm fine with doing it myself, I know where to find the bug report form. But I don't know where (and if) there is so bug list/tracking that I can check to avois obvious duplicates. Is there one (that I can reach)?

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    There's no public bug tracker, so you just report the bugs and let the developers worry about the tracking.

  • OK, thanks. I will report then.

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    That is a alredy known and reported bug in all OS as i could see.

    Will be fixed in first Beta or earlier i hope 😉

  • thank you


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