Which apps do you trust for remote work?

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    So many of us are suddenly working remotely. To pull this off, a lot of things have to fall into place. One crucial thing is to find trustworthy apps and tools.

    • Which apps are making remote work possible for you?
    • Are they apps you’ve been using for a long time?
    • Are there apps you came across just now?

    We’re putting together a list of useful, trustworthy tools to use in this crisis – all based on the experience of our community.
    Thanks for your insight. 🙏

    • email
    • matrix/vector/riot for chatting
    • mumble for audio conference
    • jitsi for audio/video conference (including shared screen)

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    Although I don't work as a retiree, perhaps a utility I've been using for a long time can come in handy. It is to send files of any size and type, without host between, direct from PC to PC.
    O&O FileDirect, from a German software company, is free and standalone

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    Chat Apps

    • Discord - Generally good for one to one chat, haven't used groups for a professional use. Voice chat seems to be a bit poor these days.
    • MS Teams - Had some hiccups earlier this week, but I trust it well. Much friendlier than skype.
    • Whatsapp / Signal - I trust signal more, but I'm not sure how useful either of them are for professional "work"
    • Slack - I have less experience with this one, but it seems fairly useful the times I have used it
    • Email - 🐱🐉 old but reliable. I access it via Opera Mail or other software🤫

    Source Code

    • Git - good for source code collab. trustworthy as long as no-one --forces it 🤦♀
    • GitHub - Good for source code management in the cloud
    • GitLab - Good for source code management in the cloud, plus it can be self-hosted on site if need be

    Remote Access

    • SSH - Classic remote access on linux & Windows 10 now has built in SSH support. It's also available through WSL.
    • VS Code with Remote Extensions - Super useful and works very well to manage code without me having to clone entire repositories and keep them & their environments in sync across multiple machines
    • PuTTY - As a fallback if I ever need to use Windows 7 (thankfully I don't need to any more
    • Steam - 😲 This is an unexpected one, but steam supports desktop streaming of any app, not just games. So I don't have to be glued to my desk when at home. I think it can even stream to external networks too, but I haven't tried that.


    • Zotero - Good for managing document libraries, PDFs etc. Has sync and groups so I can collab from anywhere. Also has rich text notes.
    • Vivaldi - Not so much useful for collaboration, but given what forum we're on, I feel obligated to mention it 😉
    • MS OneNote - I will be trialling this as a "shared whiteboard" - I remember there used to be such a tool in Opera Unite. OneNote has the advantage of being more powerful than that, and doesn't require my PC to be turned on.

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    Oh, for chat and as a social network, MeWe is highly recommended, very advanced functionality and oriented to user privacy.

  • eM Client - to handle my emails and everything associated with it. Non-business, with five enabled addresses. Paid and worth it

  • A lot of people are just stuck with whatever solution their work provides. For my last place, it was Citrix XenApp.. It worked OK I guess 😕

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    Not strictly about applications, but methods of working safely from home.
    [EDIT] More on cybersecurity implications of working remotely
    When I was working we had some tunnelling application but that was over 10 years ago. A lot has changed since then.
    [EDIT] Corrected the typos, Doh!

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    For remote desktop and file transfers, we use TeamViewer at the radio station where I volunteer.
    We chose it due to;
    The ease of use for non-technical people.
    Clients for almost every device you ever need.
    and because they allow non-commercial use for free.

    I am part of a few game related projects which means obviously we use Discord.
    It allows good quality voice from desktop or mobile devices though many of us opt for a lighter desktop client made with Qt5.
    Ripcord supports both discord and slack, but is not feature complete yet.
    I haven't tried discord video support, so no comment from me.

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    A small FOSS application, which may perhaps be useful to some professionals.
    Cherry Tree, a hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single xml or sqlite file.


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