new close tab behaviour for tab stack: activate parent tab

  • I want to propose a new behaviour when you close tabs in a tab stack: Activate parent tab.

    I often have the situation where I have a tab with search results and from there I open several results that end up in the same tab stack. When I close one result because I don't need it anymore, the last used tab gets activated (which is often one of the other results) but I want to jump to the parent of the closed tab (the tab with search results in this example).

    Now, this is an example and in my case not only limited to search results but basically every situation where I open a link in a new tab.

    Now, this would possible require a distinction between tab closure actions for tab stacks and non-stacked tabs in the settings because in non-stacked tabs you maybe want to just activate the last used tab.

  • @Vincent500 Try these settings:

    Active Tab Activation.png

  • @Pesala thank you for the reply.

    I understand your thinking but now I lose the tab stack because I now have the new tab setting: As Tab stack with related tab. and I would like to keep that setting because tab stacks really help me to keep my tabs organized instead of having a tab bar full with separate tabs.

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