Which versions of OS X is newest Vivaldi build compatible with?

  • I noticed in the most recent Vivaldi for Mac build——that the indicated minimal compatible OS for this build is OS X 10.6 or higher despite the fact that the last build that was compatible with 10.6 was build Thinking that maybe the developers had woken up to the fact that many people who would like to try out Vivaldi are still using 10.6.8 on their Mac I downloaded and installed the current build on one of my Macs running 10.6.8 but—alas—like all the other builds since the current build will definitely NOT open and run on 10.6.8 I am wondering why the developers listed the current build as 10.6 compatible when it is surely not. Perhaps someone could enlighten me. One other question: Will the current Vivaldi build be capable of running on the newest version of OS X—El Capitan 10.11 which shipped on September 30? Thanks in advance for any comments.

  • The real question is if you will be able to upgrade to El Capitan. You need a 64-bit processor and 64-bit EFI firmware to do that. And yeah, Vivaldi runs on El Capitan.

  • Thanks for the comment and the info. Yes, the Macbook Pro I will eventually be installing El Cap on definitely qualifies for the upgrade in that it meets the qualifications you mentioned and is also on the list of compatible machines published by Apple–in this case a late 2008 Macbook Pro. I am curious about the fact that you stated the most recent Vivaldi build runs on El Cap since another member on this forum posted this: "Since I updated to El Capitan I can not open Vivaldi, I get "vivaldi.app is damaged and can't be opened." The version was I downloaded and reinstalled it a couple of times getting the same result." Maybe he or she had other issues with hardware or software or the download was not completed or whatever. I am still wondering however why the latest Vivaldi build indicated it is compatible with 10.6 and above. Misleading. Anyway, I will be installing El Cap a few months from now after the first point release is issued--or whenever that happens---and hope to be able to use Vivaldi at that time. Thanks again for your comment.

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    "Since I updated to El Capitan I can not open Vivaldi, I get "vivaldi.app is damaged and can't be opened."

    This user probably has other issues too. I would suggest not to update the current install to El Capitan, but to do a fresh install with a prepared installer usb and erased partition. I always keep the old OS around on another partition, doesn't hurt to have 2 running systems. This way you can try out new versions immediately, without risking anything.

    I can assure you that Vivaldi runs just fine on El Capitan, I'm using it.


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