Vivaldi vs. Google {internal use of Google services}

  • Hello, i try to beware Google services and products. I know that Vivaldi is based on Chromium. Anyway, how much is Vivaldi tied with Google itself i.e. Google Services? I found in Vivaldi internal Google PDF reader, Anti-phishing & malware Google API, Google fill form. Are there any other Google tools, are there some hidden ones?
    Thank you for your reply.

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    @xtech Vivaldi is completely divorced from Google. It does take advantage of some of the browser structure and the anti-phishing list. That is about it. No data goes from Vivaldi to Google at all. None. Of course if you use Google Search or other Google account services they will obtain data from that - but that is from you intentionally contacting their sites.

  • Thank you for your reply. Of course, if there is anybody using other Google services like Gmail, Google search, Google Translate etc., this is something else. I really like Vivaldi. But those Google frames (Google PDF reader, Anti-phishing & malware Google API, Google fill form) disturbing me a little. It is fine that i can choose to not use it, but still..
    So there is no other Google frame inside of the Vivaldi? Because I am looking for fair privacy respecting powerful non-Google (or better say anti-Google) and not Chinese-based browser (Opera).
    Thank you for your comments.

  • @xtech Only the extension update system which is still linked to google as we use their store at the moment.
    And maybe the chromecast service (which won't do connections if not used).
    But google tracking in Vivaldi won't happen because being based on chromium lacks of specific Google API which they use to track/profile users.

  • Ok, thank you for some more detailed info about the Google links in Vivaldi. Do you have in plan to get rid of the rest of Google relations inside of Vivaldi?

    Specifically: what about about some alternative extension store? I do not know how about this on PC platform, but in Android they are alternative repositories, even with the Google apps, not just the open-soursed ones.

    What is Chromecast service, please? And where can i set it up?

    And i would like to ask about the Privacy's specific settings of "Services of third parties". Are all items in this section related with Google? Or just first three items containg the Google name?

    Thanks for your answer.

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    • We don't have an our store yet: you could use the crx or the unpacked extensions. The crx usually have the autoupdate (so are the same from the store) while the unpacked don't. But would be easier to get obsolete/malicious extensions then. And usually avoidable, as the extensions are still from/for chrome after all. So stll may - or not - connect with google.
    • Chromecast is built in chromium, but no option to set up. Connection only made when used.
    • If you uncheck services with google in the name, no connection will be made.

    The plan is to avoid google things when not necessary or if they don't provide a real benefit to end users (extensions update and privacy services).

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    @xtech said in Vivaldi vs. Google {internal use of Google services}:

    And i would like to ask about the Privacy's specific settings of "Services of third parties". Are all items in this section related with Google? Or just first three items containg the Google name?

    I only have 3 items under that heading in the Privacy Settings. But for the record, "Block Ads on Abusive Sites" also uses a list provided by Google (hover your mouse over that option and the tooltip will say this).

    It is worth noting, though, that Vivaldi never sends any URLs you visit to Google, even for things like phishing and malware protection. Instead they hash the URL and send a part of the hash. Google responds with a list of hashes containing that part, and Vivaldi checks the full hash against that list locally on your computer.

    (Google will still get your IP, though, since Vivaldi doesn't proxy these requests.)

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  • @Ayespy Thank you for the information. I am also one of those who am concerned about Google intrusion. For my own wellbeing I have disabled all google related options that I have come across.
    I also noticed that disabling the Google options in Vivaldi's security settings lets me access certain sites that otherwise would have been blocked. Therefore, for some odd reason, I favor uBlock Origin, maybe to my own befooling. Not that I am too much afraid of Google spying, it is rather the bombardment of advertisements and possible emails that pisses me off the most. But I have to say that Vivaldi does a good job in that respect.

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