Please add this great feature from maxthon.

  • [b][i]Open all links when drop a selection Normally Maxthon does a quick search when you select text and use Super drag and drop. With this option enabled Maxthon will open the links inside your selection (if any) or else it will do the normal quick search[/i].[/b] [b][color=#bb0044]THIS[b] ^ [/b][/color][/b] :S this save two clicks and a lot of time for me,it is just irritating when i do and try in this browser ,, other then that i am spreading the word for this ultimate browsing experience 😛 😛

  • I used to be a Maxthon user for some time and the browser had a lot of potential but I always found it was dire when using multiple tabs and always felt a bit sluggish like it was struggling. It seems that Maxthon doesn't get much support these days and the updates are minor. I still use it from time to time such as if I need to view iPlayer because I don't install flash on my PC. If Vivaldi could add some of its features then you'd have a nice browser such as its own media ripper even though the ripper as its own flaws. Maxthon was the right choice for old Opera users but as I said the support has dropped. I did find that Maxthon was better on your resources especially playing videos compared to other browsers except Internet Explorer and Palemoon. Due to this post I ended up trying the Maxthon super drag and drop and it's quite interesting and very useful.


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