Built-in Ad Blocker – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1848.4

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    @honyme: Private windows are also affected, you'll need to disable the extensions causing the issue. Or use a different profile for the affected sites until it's fixed ✌

  • Sorry, I need to write it down to let it go because it's too intense. It's burning inside. Vivaldi Team... I

    Love you

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    @guiluge said in Built-in Ad Blocker – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1848.4:

    @t0yz: mate, this is a snapshot, it's meant to be broken 🙂

    Not really. It's for testing new features.
    See if that helps

  • I can't see what's blocked and I don't want to "unblock" the entire site ...

  • Hope to see the known issues fixed soon. AWS console and Magento 2 fail to load some data since the last update

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    I really liked that addition to Vivaldi, but is this ad block built into chromium or it works like a "built-in extension"?

  • Hello there, everyone!

    Just wanted to post a "little" something. I appreciate Vivaldi for the philosophy, proximity with the community, depth of features and more. I usually watch silently (as many others I suppose) the team making the next moves for their web browser, both on computer and mobile. Today I wanted to take a bit of my time to thank you all at Vivaldi for changing your mind about adblocking. I know you've been reluctant about it, that you didn't want to hurt business of "good websites" with certain drastic decisions as blocking ads and trackers. Nowadays most of the major web browsers offer something to block at least the trackers if not more. Firefox, Edgium, Brave... Most of them do it. And till recently, you didn't. Which felt weird in a way I gotta say, because of this:

    -"So Vivaldi has a lot of useful builtin functions, more than Firefox or Chrome?

    -Why yes of course!

    -Like what, an adblocker?


    It may not fully please you to change your mind and implement an adblocking solution, but today it's unfortunately necessary to at least provide the choice.

    After a few minutes of trying this snapshot, I have a little bit of feedback/questions for you:

    • You explained the trackers blocking technology you're using (DuckDuckGo Tracking Radar), I assume the browser periodically checks and apply any updates of the list without having to wait for a browser update (major or minor)?

    • So with this snapshot you propose an adblocker which can work independently from the tracking blocker. Could you elaborate the technologies/methods used to create it (I really, really hope it's not just the filter list proposed by Google in Chrome/Chromium)? Currently what filter lists is it using? Is it your own engine, or are you using something else as a base (like uBlock Origin)? Is it constrained by some Chromium limitations (API)? Will the browser automatically checks and apply any updates of the filter lists being used without having to wait for a major/minor browser update?

    • It seems that the adblocker for now doesn't block regional ads, what are you going to do in this matter?

    • Will you provide filtering options (choosing what filter lists to use etc)?

    • Will you consider making the adblocker able to block by default cookie notices that can be quite obnoxious in GRPD territories?

    • Will you provide statistics to see in real-time what ads and trackers are being blocked in a web page?

    • Will you port it as is to Android version as well, like the tracker blocking in a recent mobile snapshot?

    I feel like you could even make a whole blog post to detail all this stuff, it's definitely interesting!
    Hopefully you'll provide us the answers we need, cause I don't think I'm the only one who's curious about all this!
    Thank you very much for listening to our feedback, Vivaldi doesn't stop growing stronger!

  • Blocking is surprisingly fast and thorough. Element blocker per uBlock, et. al would be fabulous.

  • The clock/alarm went away. 😞 Was there an issue or was that code not pulled into the snapshot branch? I had a good use for it today and was surprised to see a new feature gone already.

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    @srart Right-click on the Status Bar to reset it to the default. The clock has been moved to the right of the zoom slider.

  • @srart the clock isn't gone (at least for me)

    try to reset your statusbar to default

  • Thanks, I was looking on the left where it had been originally and didn't even look to the right.

  • I use the extensions:

    Advanced Font Settings
    Google Translator
    Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google)
    HTTPS Everywhere
    The QR Code Extension
    Turn Off the Lights
    uBlock Origin
    uBlock Origin Extra
    User-Agent Switcher and Manager

    with Twitter/Tweetdeck, Twitch, Google, Youtube - no problem .

    When i switch on the "Privacy Badger" extension, Twitter/Tweetdeck and Twitch not working.

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    (VB-63118) Picture-in-Picture Icon Displays for MP3 Audio

    Not fixed yet: Example MP3 Player

  • @Pesala It doesn't show here for me 🙂

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    @Pathduck Try moving the mouse cursor over the player.

  • @Pesala I probably misunderstood - I thought you meant it still showed even with the PiP icon turned off 🤦♂

  • Ad blocker is very poor, I tried to go in a site with lots of banners and pop-up/under (porn)ads and some still appears, back to uBO.
    It's true that I haven't seen any ads on Youtube or Twitch so far, but it's not enough, uBO with all its lists and customizations also avoid unwanted connections to nasty sites.

  • thats a changelog i liky! good work team!!!!!!!

  • Awesome!

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