Tracking blocker and Tabs implementation – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1847.3

  • tab and status bar option onlyyyyyy work in mobile phone mode.not in tablet.
    in tablet there is no status bar at all.!!!!!!!!

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    @look90: From the blog post: "[Tablet] Don’t show bottom bar on tablet VB-63982"

  • May I say that these are really, really cool features? Thanks a lot for the great work! The Tab Strip works great and the smaller Speed Dial icons look much better now. And the tracker blocker is a valuable addition.
    There's one minuscule issue with the SD: When the site names under the icons are to long, the whole thing gets a bit misaligned and makes me feel drunken 😉
    Here's a picture
    alt text

    Keep up the good work!

  • Would it be possible to have the position/size of the tabs on the tab bar adjust automatically depending on the width of the device? At present, on my device, when two tabs are open, the Close Tab button of the second tab is hidden behind the New Tab button and I have to shift the tabs on the tab strip in order to press the Close Tab button on the second tab. It would be much more convenient if the size of the tabs could adjust so that it shows two full tabs (or perhaps even more, I think some users would be happy with a smaller tab width and the ability to see more tabs at a time) in addition to the Close Tab button.

    Also, the Close Tab button on the tab strip is a little small to reach. It would be great if something similar to the swipe feature in the Tab Switch panel could be implemented. (Since the tabs are separated from the browsing area by the address bar, there doesn't seem to be much danger of mixing up the two operations.)

  • removing bottom bar in tablet was really a baaaaaaaaaaad idea.
    at least make it optional.

    why yuo are enemy with tablet user?

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