Tracking blocker and Tabs implementation – Vivaldi Android Browser snapshot 1847.3

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today’s snapshot adds support for tracking blocker, introduces tabs UI, adds Speed Dial size setting and updates Chromium to 81.

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  • - Ambassador -

    Great features. Hoping they work on my Amazon Kindle.
    Going to download the APK now.
    Great work from the Android team.

  • Moderator

    Let me update to new Snap on my Note 7 and i will test.

  • Moderator

    It is difficult for me to test the new "Hide status bar" setting as it doesn't do anything useful on devices with a cut-out display.

    In the past I have seen some apps ignore a cutout and just use the full screen anyway - might it be possible for vivaldi to do that as well if this option is enabled?

  • Great New features.
    Thanks for all the work, Vivaldi team.
    When scrolling the website with tabs enabled the tab bar disappears and a white bar appears being scrolled away. Doesn't look great at a dark theme... But it's a snapshot. So these things is what we have to live with I guess.!



  • - Ambassador -

    I like smaller speed dial, but more than that I would like to see same setting for the tabs manager (preferably a separate setting, I want big speed dial/small tabs/pages)

  • Good update!
    1.The panel navigation is at the bottom but the tab navigation is at the top? Very unconsistent. Move the tab navigation to the bottom and add a setting for tab and panel navigation position. I prrefer to be at the bottom but someone may disagree.
    2.The panel is coming from the left (the animation) which is inconsistent with the desktop browser and the panel activation button.
    3. Add an option to keep all the panels and bars always visible. The auto hide during scroling is very annoying. Currently most of the phone displays are too tall and keeping all the bars and buttons on is ok.
    4. Move the "V" button to the bottom and make more beautifull menu like in samsung browser or huawei browser.
    5. And something about Chromium: why the mobile chromium is so poor in terms of website rendering? Every mobile browser based on Chromium is sometimes a nightmare. Ther are a lot of websites which are properly rendered only on Firefox Mobile. But they are OK on the desktop Chromium browsers.

  • i update to last version. but i dont see "tab strip"in the menu.,,,,small speed dial works fine.,,,but status bar is always hide.even i uncheck that in the setting,,,i have galaxy tab s5e

  • Status bar only hides on scroll, but is visible otherwise, no matter wether tab strip is enabled or not. Instead of hiding the status bar, there should be an option to bring its features down to the toolbar and combine them. Personally I'd like to have a toolbar on bottom that's always visible with all the functionality (firefox preview hint hint).

  • On the upside the panel page has some of its navigation on bottom now, which is very welcome, but it still has the close button on top. The tabs page seems to be untouched concerning navigation.

  • Now we need tab stacks. THE feature of the desktop version.

    It would also be nice to be able to set custom backgrounds for the speed dial page, or just let it follow the theme (plain white for light theme, plain grey for dark theme)

  • @venetin thumbs up for tabs at the bottom (that's my desktop setting as well, actually)

  • @venetin I hope will come as an option soon. Tabs/buttons/urlfield on bottom would be nice. It's an "introduction" after all.
    In my case the only browser which work fine on most sites is chropera. I removed firefox time ago due slowness and heavy battery usage even without addons. I use Kiwi when I need extensions - but is slow on several sites. Same for chrome - and it hasn't extensions or a nice UI, so is always kept disabled.

    Oh, and tnx a lot for smaller dials :Q__

  • Moderator

    Nice, the Snapshot is now my primary browser on smartphone.

  • The tracking blocker is really nice! The lack of a blocker was one of two showstoppers preventing me to use Vivaldi as my main browser on Android.
    Unfortunately, the second showstopper is still there: doesn't work with LastPass. 😞

  • Excellent additions.

  • I love tabs. Thank you so much!! 🙂

  • Moderator

    @Philippkirschke Regarding tab stacks check out tab grouping

  • Due to smaller speed dial icons Vivaldi often switches off due to speed scrolling errors. And it's also great. To my full happiness I'm lacking:

    1. Free to edit the number of speed dial icons and add your own images.
    2. Add your own wallpaper and theme.
    3. Blocking ads or the possibility of installing add-ons.

    I can't wait for the next update.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Would be nice if some of the padding around the address bar and tab strip was removed to save space. I love the tab bar, but it does take up quite a bit of space when it and the rest of the UI is visible. It might be possible to remove some of the padding, without changing text sizes, just to get a tiny bit of that space back.

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