Snapshot - Geolocation support

  • [b][size=4]Download ( 32 e 64 bit..[/size][/b] Geolocation support We have now added Geolocation support to Vivaldi. This is handy as it allows sites (e.g. mapping services) to know your location and adjust their content appropriately. They can not take this information without you agreeing however, so a small popup will appear to allow you to decide if it is permitted or not. [img][/img] Thumbnail improvements This is the first round of fixes to thumbnails that many of you have been waiting for. Newly added Speed Dials will now have a thumbnail again and you can reload the missing thumbnails. It is not a complete, bug free solution yet but rather a step in the right direction. Known issues Alternative FFMpeg lib support does not work but will return in a future build

  • @ruario:

    VB-9512 Can not enter capital letter K anywhere in the UI …..


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