Vivaldi Snapshot is out with Geolocation!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi y'all, In today's snapshot we have yet another large selection of bugfixes! A particularly important one being off-screen thumbnail generation for Speed Dial. In addition to the bugfixes, we have also added support for Geolocation. //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies - Stay Tuned!

  • Please add option to disable Geolocation completely and this dialog window as well

    I hope to see additional privacy settings in the next builds
    1. Firefox-like Forget Button

    2. Privacy settings

  • Bug: Thumbnail is not centered.

  • From the latest changelog:

    VB-7850 Cannot add items to bookmarks bar: Pressing ⌘/Ctrl now copies bookmarks while dragging and dropping in bookmarks panel

    I see that you still cannot add items to bookmarks bar by ctrl-D -> select bookmarks bar from dropdown menu. So this is just a new feature?

    And, while the bookmarks panel is nice (although I do not like that the panel strip stays visible after toggling bookmarks bar off when the panel is hidden), I would like to see the Bookmarks menu that every other browser has. Or at least option for the menu.

  • Some problem appeared with this version. If I close the browser, and try to start it again from desktop, I get error message box, with message;

    "Class not registered"

    I can get around this by going to install folder and creating new icon. I don't think I've done anything major tinkering with my windows 10 after I installed this version. After I open/close browser, problem appears again.


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