Bookmarks on bar not always responding

  • I'm not sure if this is a bug or just me. I've noticed in the latest (, 32-bit) version on Win7-64, if I quickly click a link in the bookmark bar (which I place at the top), occasionally nothing seems to happen except that a pale blue-gray bar appears to either side of that bookmark on the bar. The address bar doesn't show any activity (nor does my OS network activity indicator), but the bars remain until I repeat the click on the bookmark, upon which the site begins to be retrieved. It comes across to the user as a need to sometimes twice-click the bookmark, but it 's inconsistent and hard to intentionally repeat. It's almost as if two things have to happen upon a bookmark click, but sometimes only one of them occurs and the re-click is needed to get the task to complete. The situation occurs only once in a while, and almost never when I'm trying to make it occur... which inclines me to wonder if it's something to do with how I click sometimes. Yet the pale bars that appear on the bookmark edges do actually appear, so some form of browser interaction is occurring at those times, even if incomplete. Anyone else seeing this?

  • Confirmed.

    I also noticed the same problem with the Vivaldi menus.

    Win7x64 Vx32


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