Moving Bookmarks around in the Bookmark Tab - Bug

  • I'm organizing my bookmarks and found an oddity when moving them around. Suppose I have the folder structure below, where Bookmarks 1, 2, and 7 are all the root level with Folders 1 and 2. Bookmarks 3 and 4 are in Folder 1 and Bookmarks 5 and 6 are in Folder 2. I can highlight Folder 1, but then select Bookmark2 and drag Bookmark2 into Folder 2. The end result is that Folder 1 is what actually gets moved to Folder 2, not Bookmark2. Bookmark1 Bookmark2 Folder 1 - Bookmark3 - Bookmark4 Folder 2 - Bookmark 5 -Bookmark 6 Bookmark7

  • I can reproduce this behavior on Linux.


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