Private Window but only one more session?

  • Hi Guys, It's a simple suggestion. I don't know about Windows or Linux usage, but in Mac when I try to open more than one Private Window, it doesn't work. So my simple test was: 1 Non-Private Window opened. - Opened New Private Window and login into to mail service When I opened a New Private Window (number 2), no magic. It open same session like before. I tried to login to same service and it just was with the same user logged in. So what's necessary? I think there's 2 things: - Multiple sessions. - It could work in tabs like Private tabs and/or Better (I think), multi session on tabs (like multifox addon do on Firefox).

  • There's an extension called Multi Login that works in Chrome and Opera. Sadly, it doesn't work in Vivaldi .. yet.

  • Yes pikachu01, you're right
    I use it too. It's good and works for tabs.
    I think Vivaldi could have this as a builtin option.

    Multi Login is good but comparing with Multifox (similar extension for Firefox) it has no ability to rename, save and choose a saved session for any tab.

    Chrome and Opera are my 1st and 2nd browsers just because this. But we're still in "pre-Beta" so…Cheers for good news!


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