Tracking blocker – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1838.3

  • Vivaldi Team

    In today’s snapshot we add support for tracker blocking, and re-work our spatial navigation feature to improve navigation via the keyboard.

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  • ---BLOCKED---

  • 20 minutes and no blocked comment?
    but I have to surfe now to test the trackertool

  • just wanted to report this inconsistency between the icons on the address bar. It seems that the 🔒 icon has no outline and it's inconsistent with the rest of the icons - happens with both dark and light themes. Here's a terrible screenshot:

  • Moderator

    @NSANE Indeed, next to the shield icon it appears a bit too small and "dense". At this point it could be just an outline similar to the ones in Brave and Edge.

    Also, EV SSL should be gray, just like sites without it.

  • how about dns over https? it seems like every major browser has it now, excluding vivaldi (something is in the vivaldi://flags, but these are chromium flags and i have no idea if it works, there is no way to configure DOH service etc)

    i expected new release will finally get it (and long time ago i expected that maybe vivaldi will be first to implement it)

  • Nice new feature 🙂
    One more extension I can delete now...

    Great job. Works well so far.

  • I couldn't post on the page of the article. Had to go into the forum.

  • Notifications still not appearing in the Action Center in Windows 10 even when manually enabled in flags. Just chrome-type of notifications work.

  • Moderator

    @t0yz Yes, this is a old already reported bug in all last Snapshots since 2.11 Snapshot.

  • It would be great if clicking the shield icon displayed the number of trackers that were blocked and if possible, which ones as well. Seeing how this is somewhat similar to DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials, I don't see why this couldn't be done, unless I misunderstood the blog post.

  • On Ubuntu...
    $ vivaldi-snapshot
    /usr/bin/vivaldi-snapshot: line 50: 84967 Bus error rm -f "$HOME/.local/lib/vivaldi-snapshot"/*
    Bus error

  • Moderator

    @Eucliwood I do not see such error on my Ubuntu 19.10 after starting as user.

    When does this happen for you?

  • @gwen-dragon: Yes... reinstall no problem...

  • does the icon change in some way if something is blocked?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @NSANE It's not just icons in the address bar that'd need a vertical nudge.
    (Windows 10)

  • I believe lots of users will be happy with the change on the PiP icon fading out 👍

  • Ambassador

    Experimental Notes Editor

    Open in New Tab icon in Notes Panel does nothing unless the Experimental Notes editor is enabled in vivaldi://experiments

    Note: This feature needs to be enabled for each Window!

  • Moderator

    @Ornorm But it fails on youtube in regular view if you hovered the video's tool bar and back to video.

  • Good one!

    [Media][Popout Video] Icon should not show until the video starts or the cursor hovers the video (VB-63100)

    Thanks for this, it does improve things a lot - and hopefully we will get an option to disable the icon completely soon (next snappy?)

    [Spatial Navigation] Re-write the feature

    Really appreciate you continuing to work on this feature 👍
    From a really quick test just now, it still needs a lot of work, just seems very buggy. I think maybe it does not take into account DPI Scaling because it feels like all hotspots are totally offset.

    [New] Tracking blocker (VB-46272)

    Interesting new feature, and I really like that you took the time to properly implement an override system. Generally I'm sceptical of features like this if the user has no control of the list used, like the one in Opera. And I still believe this is much better off being done by a dedicated extension, but we'll see how it goes.

    Hopefully it won't break too many sites. Is there a way to tell from the network log in devtools if content is being blocked by the Vivaldi blocking, to tell it apart from content being blocked by for instance uBlock? This would be useful to figure out why sites are breaking.

    Since you're using the DDG list, which I really hope is available on Github (can't find it...), we can have a look ourselves. But please make it easy for users to report sites breaking directly to you - maybe a separate sub-forum for the Content Blocked? Users should never be told to "make a pull request yourself" if the list breaks a site - this needs to be done by the team.
    EDIT: Is this the DDG tracker list?
    If so not updated in 17 months is kind of worrying... 😕

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